Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Machine's Amazing

I don't know who made this and I don't really care. Usually NBA humor is really just not funny - see the comics that show up on Ball Don't Lie every week or so. This video is an exception. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for Borat humor.

Shout out to Arik who got sloshed at Paris Hilton's Hollywood Hills palace last year, bumped into Sasha, and spoke to the prized Lakers reserve at length about how he should read some novel about Bosnia. Later that night Arik did a little droogling (drunk Googling) and discovered Sasha's from Slovenia. Don't worry, A-Rock, everyone gets a second chance. Maybe Sasha will come to the Knicks when his contract is up after 2011 and you'll run into him at Bua. Maybe not.


  1. Really now.

    In my defense, the geopolitical situation in the Balkans isn't exactly common knowledge around these parts, even if I did whiff pretty big there. I mean, I did place him in the right region. That's got to count for something. Not to mention that Sasha and the author of that book have the same name, and look alike, and grew up at the same time in the same-ish place where there was a war going on and I thought that maybe Sasha would relate to it and anyway I didn't want to talk Lakers cause I'm sure he gets enough of that ......

    Whatever. Sasha sucks now. The end.

  2. if i ran into sasha at bua i'm pretty sure i'd fight him a la arik summer of 07'.